Bitcoin (BTC) Godzilla Statement Issued by Michael Saylor

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U.Today – Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy chairman and a advocate, has made a bold declaration that Bitcoin is the “Godzilla” poised to revolutionize and potentially dismantle the existing fiat financial models. This is the latest in his rounds of support for the world’s largest crypto asset.

Speaking at the BTC Prague event, Saylor emphasized Bitcoin’s growing adoption and extraordinary performance as key factors in this transformation.

Saylor’s vision of Bitcoin

Saylor passionately argued that Bitcoin would render obsolete all existing financial and political models, fundamentally reshaping the systems that have been in place for millennia.

He stated, “All your models will be destroyed, your political models, everything we learned over 10,000 years.”

The MicroStrategy chairman criticized modern statisticians who attempt to make financial projections using outdated methods. He compared them to medieval warriors using bows, arrows, chariots and elephants in a battle against an adversary equipped with explosives, aircraft and other advanced weaponry.

In Saylor’s view, Bitcoin represents this sophisticated and disruptive force in the financial sector. According to him, the current financial system stands no fighting chance to resist the impending change that is certain to occur.

Saylor has consistently advocated that investors explore Bitcoin by adopting a disciplined approach to investment. While highlighting the pros, the MicroStrategy chairman warns against the pitfalls of trying to time the market or making large, speculative bets.

Saylor advocates understanding of Bitcoin

According to Saylor, a true understanding of Bitcoin’s potential reveals its capacity to disrupt and destroy conventional financial models. He maintained that Bitcoin is the groundbreaking force in the financial industry, likening its impact to a powerful and unstoppable entity.

In a recent post on X after Bitcoin surged to $71,000, Saylor, using an AI-generated photo of a bee inside a beehive with a Bitcoin mascot inside it, urged investors to “Join the Swarm.” It is a subtle reference to aligning with the rapidly growing global community of BTC believers and holders.

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