Ryan Kutscher and Circus Maximus Share the Key to Aligning Your Brand with These 5 Questions


In today’s world, data and analytics play a major role in shaping a brand. However, the most successful brands have something more – a clear, concise, and compelling brand story. This story is the result of answering five simple questions, yet they are often overlooked or assumed to be known. To help brands get on the right track, we’re sharing the five questions every brand must answer to be successful.

Question 1: Why does your brand exist? This question touches on the brand’s mission or purpose, and it should be human-centric. The answer should excite everyone who hears it and get them motivated to work towards the brand’s objectives. A great example is “To make the life of small business owners less terrifying.”

Question 2: In one sentence, what makes your product/service uniquely interesting? This question is the hardest to answer, but it’s also the most important. The answer should be a concise statement that sums up all the reasons for believing in the brand. It’s important to avoid listing off all the fantastic features of the product, as this can subtract potency and believability while adding confusion.

Question 3: Who exactly is your brand for? This question requires brands to get specific and niche down. By identifying their target audience, brands can better understand their needs and create products and services that meet those needs. For example, instead of targeting “women” in general, a brand could target career-oriented women aged 35-45 who make over 100K a year and are interested in organic supplements.

Question 4: Why does the world need this? This question addresses the fundamental reason why the brand offers value. The answer should convey a sense of inevitability and offer a better solution to a problem. For example, “The world needs this brand because the previous solution kind of sucked, and this brand offers a better way of living.”

Question 5: What are the 4–5 unbreakable values of your brand? Values are non-negotiable and the source of truth for a brand. By adhering to their values, a brand can exhibit integrity and set itself apart from the competition. For example, a brand’s values could be “Loyalty over money,” “Innovation fuels everything,” or “Customer service is everything.”

Answering these five questions is the key to obtaining brand alignment. When everyone in an organization is on board, they know what to do, how to do it, how to communicate it, and why it’s important. Brands that take the time to answer these questions will find it easier to achieve their desired brand story and take their brand to new heights.

However, answering these questions is not easy, which is why so many brands skip doing so. But it’s also why it’s so important. When a brand has a clear brand story, it can more effectively communicate its mission, values, and unique offering to its target audience. This, in turn, leads to increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, and overall success.

The five questions outlined above are simple, but answering them is difficult. However, by taking the time to answer these questions, brands can build a successful brand story that will stand the test of time. Don’t wait, start answering these questions today and take your brand to new heights.

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