These are the top 10 most popular AI tools of 2023, and how to use them to make more money

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Many have dubbed 2023 the year of AI, as the pace of artificial intelligence breakthroughs this year has been fast — and for some, concerning.

However, fear didn’t stop people from jumping on the AI bandwagon, a new study confirms. With more than 14 billion visits between September 2022 and August 2023, ChatGPT is the most popular generative AI tool in the world, according to a new survey from, an online content writing company.

Writerbuddy analyzed over 3,000 artificial intelligence tools using SEMrush, a popular SEO software, to determine the most used tools of the year. Altogether, the top 50 AI tools attracted over 24 billion visits, most of which came from male users.

Here are the top 10 most popular AI tools, according to the rankings:

1. ChatGPT

Tool category: AI Chatbot

Total visits: 14.6B


Tool category: AI Chatbot

Total visits: 3.8B

3. Quillbot

Tool category: AI Writing

Total visits: 1.1B

4. Midjourney

Tool category: Image Generator

Total visits: 500.4M

5. Hugging Face

Tool category: Data Science

Total visits: 316.6M

6. Bard

Tool category: AI Chatbot

Total visits: 241.6M

7. NovelAI

Tool category: AI Writing

Total visits: 238.7M

8. Capcut

Tool Category: Video Generator

Total visits: 203.8M

9. Janitor AI

Tool category: AI Chatbot

Total visits: 192.4M

10. Civitai

Tool category: Image Generator

Total visits: 177.2M

ChatGPT has earned some negative press this year — from Sam Altman’s leadership shakeup to potentially harmful AI developments — but people keep using the generative tool. The industry leading bot can carry out an array of tasks, from planning out your weekly schedule to writing you a detailed resume

Other generative tools on the list, like Google’s Bard and Quillbot, have similar capabilities as they can summarize and paraphrase text, but haven’t yet garnered the same popularity as Open AI’s chatbot. And tools like and are used by many as virtual companions.

If you’re only using AI for entertainment purposes, you may be missing out on the opportunity to make money without a fancy job or college degree, according to Susan Gonzales, founder and CEO of AIandYou, a nonprofit that teaches AI skills to people from marginalized communities.

Say you’re a freelancer or a small business owner. AI tools can “help improve [your] business, improve inventory management, analyze customer behavior or gain competitive intelligence,” Gonzales told CNBC Make It in July. “Small businesses can use AI tools to target their marketing and advertising efforts more effectively … They can identify new revenue opportunities.”

And if you’re looking for a side gig, like tutoring, AI can help you do that, too.

“There are many online learning opportunities to understand how AI works, which then could help [someone] possibly become an AI tutor, or to do some AI training to pass it on to the next generation,” Gonzales said. “The wonderful thing today is … all the information is out there.”

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